MESPRIVE software is designed for private forest scaling projects in Canada and the United States.
This software can be used in conjunction with the handheld computer software: CEBOIS.
You also have the option to combine the software Mesprive and Cebois on a tablet for a quick and complete input of logs.

It allows:

     The use of the scaling method of your choice for each trip (BFT Roy, International 1/4, Bangor, Mass, Holland, M3 ..).
     Handheld data input (using the CEBOIS software).
     The management of your supplies by source, supplier, contractor, grade,quality, union, etc.
     Preparation of accounts payable to your suppliers, carriers, agencies, customs, unions, etc.
     Daily or periodic management of the US exchange rate.
     Compiling and managing your log inventories by stacking.