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Q : What is a hand held computer?
  A :

A hand held computer is a data collector like the ones used by HydroQuebec or the ones used to input store inventories.


Q : What is a programmable keyboard ?
  A :

It is a keyboard whose keys can be programmed. Different values can be given to each key.


Q : Why is the software based on modules ?
  A :

Our systems are created to be able to perform all the calculations and operations neaded by the client. This avoids having to use external products such as Excel. However this means we must have different modules since, for example, a system created for scaling by Weight/Volume is not adapted to the scaling of logs and posts. The addition of modules can easily be justified by the ease and performance gain that results from the use of these softwares.


Q : What is Mesbois's service contract policy ?
  A :

Our service contract is billed annually based on the value and the number of software used. There are no other costs required. The service contract covers unlimited phone or modem assistance for the year identified on the contract.