MESBOIS Inc. specialises in software development for the forestry industry.  Founded in 1990, MESBOIS Inc. first produced log scaling software.  The potential of hand held computers interested MESBOIS Inc. and they began producing software for them, always with a concern for performance and flexibility.
MESBOIS Inc. markets a large range of software that cover most forestry sectors, such as board classification, yard stocks, production management and log scaling.
All MESBOIS Inc. software is jointly designed by a computer analyst and a forest engineer.  This assures a qualtiy product that best responds to the needs of the forestry industry.  The flexibility of the programs permits a quick adaptation to the particular needs of a client.  As well the performance and ergonomics of the software for hand held computers permits it to use the full potential of all supported computer types.

As a growing company, MESBOIS Inc. favours high quality products, continuous technological improvements and a strong interest in customer satisfaction.